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Photos from The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs

Cast Photos from the 2015 Production

Photo 1

It's Laura's first day working at Eastview Animal Shelter
Laura (left - Mariah Griep), Ms. Hargreave (right - Teresa Bisson).

photo 2

Billie (Dorothy Owen, center) sings the blues to Lucky (Zachary Kulzer, left), Fido (John Naumann, top left), Barnaby (Christian LaBissoniere, top right), and Shep (Anthony Neumann, right).

photo 4

Yappy (Cayla Marie Wolpers, center) is examined by Laura (Mariah Griep, left) and Ms. Hargreave (Teresa Bisson, right).

photo 8

Lucky (Zachary Kulzer, left), Madam (Dorian Brooke) and Pal (Isabel Pone).

photo 5

Shep, Pal and Yappy (left to right: Anthony Neumann, Isabel Pone, Cayla Marie Wolpers) think that something's up with Slinky (Haley Sisler, right).

photo 6

Fido (John Naumann, left) challenges Barnaby (Christian Labissoniere, right).

photo 7

Pal (Isabel Pone, left) and Lucky (Zachary Kulzer).

Cast Photo

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