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Our latest shows!

The Mystery Box of the Sisters Fox


Performing at:
Sabes Theatre
Minneapolis, MN

Nov. 9-12 & Nov. 16-18

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Imagined Theatre

Imagined Theatre's mission is to author, develop and present new, original full-length and one-act musical theatre and dramatic works as a means of fostering literary creativity while reaching broad audiences through an affordable and accessible approach to theatrical production.

What do we mean by "original"?

The term "original" means that the dramatic story (or "book" in musical terminology) is authored without basing it on any significant existing dramatic work. In other words, the story is new. In the context of musicals, "original" also means that all of the music and lyrics are original - not existing songs - or existing songs that are given new lyrics, etc. We believe that this approach - developing story, music and lyrics in conjunction with each other - creates a unique and dynamic piece.

Typically, most modern musicals are authored in a "based-on" approach, which takes an existing dramatic work (usually a play or movie) and develops a musical theatre piece from that. Sometimes, musicals are also adopted around existing songs, upon which a book is then constructed (the "jukebox musical"). We believe that the simultaneous creation of all of the main elements of a musical - book, music, lyrics - maximizes the creative literary potential of a new work, and also makes it truly original.

This does not necessarily mean that a new "original" musical could not be developed from existing story (or other) material. However, the creation of the book aspect of the musical should reflect an original approach, and preferably present a story that is not currently in a well-known dramatic form.

In this context, "original" also means that pieces should not be an extension or re-telling of an existing musical or other dramatic work (such as a musical that explores ancillary characters, timelines, or alternate versions of other existing works such as the Wizard of Oz or Peter Pan, etc.). The reason for this is that taking such an approach necessitates the centrality of another well-known work - without which the new work has little meaning on its own.

We also like to think that "original" means that the subject matter, characters, and situations presented in the newly created musical theatre pieces are relevant and truly "different." Ideally, they do not follow transitory artistic trends or aim to please existing audience demographics. The work is created as a form of art to be enjoyed by as many persons as possible, and - ideally - has lasting and universal themes.

Imagined Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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